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"Customer satisfaction is our work and responsibility, quality is the life of the product, reputation is the foundation of the enterprise, product qualification is not the standard, customer satisfaction is the purpose." Since the user purchase date, the company will provide users with quality service.

First, professional and thoughtful after-sales service

1. After-sales service engineers will conduct training and instruction on the use of the machine until they are familiar with the operation;

2. All training and guidance according to user requirements, until the user is satisfied and signed to confirm, the service engineer can leave.

Second, efficient after-sales maintenance service

1. Regular return visits and lifetime maintenance services. The company has a 24-hour service hotline;

2. If there is any problem, we will provide fast and timely service in the first time. If the service cannot be arranged temporarily, we must give a clear answer first;

3. Our service engineers will conduct regular return visits, overhaul and maintenance of your machines, solve various problems, and promptly feedback your opinions and suggestions;

4. For all users of Hang Seng, we will provide lifelong service, free of charge for all costs during the warranty period, and only cover parts costs and reasonable labor costs.

Third, strict improvement of service quality management

1. Our offices have a full range of spare parts warehouses to ensure the timely replacement and maintenance of spare parts;

2, the company's professional engineers regularly visit; develop a complete customer profile, understand your needs, in order to provide timely services;

3. If the operation is unfair due to improper operation or the cause of the malfunction, the machine will not operate normally, we will adopt the principle of solving the problem after the first warranty.

Fourth, pre-sales service:

1. Provide product technical consultation, technical support and personalized design;

2. Provide systematic and integrated solutions for customers from plant design, construction supervision, equipment commissioning to normal production.

Fifth, the sale of services:

1. Provide professional services such as product use training, product maintenance and precautions training, product detailed description, personalized demand design, and production line design. A

6. After-sales service:

1. Spare parts supply: There are spare parts warehouses in each office, which is timely and convenient. Courier or home delivery, warranty period.

2. Respond within 1 hour and repair to the customer within 24 hours.

3, product warranty period, free of charge; maintenance outside the warranty period, free of time.

4. Other services: Free provision of plant, equipment, water and electricity layout design, injection molding process diagnosis and design; customer return visits and regular maintenance of equipment according to company regulations.

5, 24 hours on duty: 4001-187-987